The digital era has made working from anywhere in the world a reality. For some, making money online is their full-time gig and for others, it is a way to make an extra bit of money to supplement their fulltime income. Whatever, the case, here are 3 freelance platforms many people re offering their services on.


Fiverr is a Tel Aviv based company that provides Freelancers a platform to sell their services from building a website to designing a book cover to a wide range of clients. Started in 2010 by Shia Wininger and Micha Kaufman, Fiverr allows Freelancers to sell their services starting at just $5 and has become popular with Freelancers and enterprises alike.

Anyone with a skill that can be performed digitally can sign up to sell their services on Fiverr especially those with coding and graphic design skills are at high demand.


Upwork, formerly known as Elance oDesk is similar to Fiverr, in the sense that it is a platform for Freelancers and professionals to sell their services. Based in California, Upwork is the largest of its kind with as many as Twelve million Freelancers connecting and collaborating with businesses and enterprises around the world. The added advantage of using Upwork over Fiverr is that where Fiverr is great for one time quick tasks such as designing a logo, Upwork, on the other hand, allows for more complicated tasks to be performed by Freelancers and often businesses turn Freelancers into remote employees.

What can be performed on Upwork?

There are many skills/services you can sell through your profile on Upwork including:

• Web and Mobile Developers

• Graphic Designers

• Writers

• Sales and Marketing Professionals

• Accountants and Consultants And more…

With more businesses joining daily and with an easy set up that takes less than an hour, Upwork is a great way to make an extra flow of income or start a freelance business.


Other players in the field include the Australian based with offices in London, Jakarta, and San Francisco, is another great tool that helps connect businesses with Freelancers. allows businesses to post a project, which is then open to all registered Freelancers. Through a bidding process, whereby Freelancers submit their proposals, businesses can choose which Freelancer to award the project to. Again we will not go into detail as to how to set up an account as it is pretty straightforward and easy to do.

What can you sell on Freelancer?

Like Fiverr and Upwork, Freelancers using the website can sell basically any service from web development to logo design. As is the case with the other two platforms, those with coding/programming experiences or skills are of special interest to businesses seeking to hire someone on With that said, however, is another great platform for people to sell their skills.

Some things to remember when using these platforms.

• Fees-There are fees you will need to pay, how much, and for what differs from one platform to another.

• Examples- Add photos or videos of work you have done in the past when creating a GIG. • Information-Be clear, honest, and write a good description of your services.

• Communication-Make sure to ask questions and don’t start the project until you fully understand what is required