Do you hate it when someone at work comes up to you and asks you about a task/project you worked on like a year ago and you’re like how the hell am I supposed to remember that, like I don’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning. I mean you work on a project, hoping that once you’re done, YOU’RE ACTUALLY DONE, or maybe you’re not like me and you do actually remember what you do every single day.

So in my job (which I do love btw) I work with so many people on any given day. I go to about 3 meetings a day, get stopped about 6 times on my way back to my desk and asked to look into so many thinks and once I am back on my desk, there is usually a mountain of paperwork waiting for me. At first I was stressed out, writing down notes, then not remembering where I left my notebook. Then I discovered a project Management tool called Asana. Basically, this is what a dashboard looks like on Asana.

This is the first ting I look at every morning and the last thing I update before I am done for the day. What I also love about this is, I could be at home watching TV and I remember something I need to work on back in the office, I can just log in to the the app and write down my notes. I am also able to search for tasks I worked on months ago and read my comments and avoid those I think I did this task awkward conversations. I am telling you, if you need help with organising your tasks and remembering what you work on, take a look at how Asana or other similar platforms can help you because they can.

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