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Good Paying jobs

Most of us grew up believing that in order to get a good paying job, we must go to university and earn a degree. Our parents told us we must dream big and aim for the stars and society said, to get to the  stars, go to university and get a piece of paper which will elevate your status and thus bring in the  big bucks. Don’t get me wrong, there are some jobs ie Doctors, Engineers (some of them) that require a degree and rightly so, but for the rest of us that don’t want to become a doctor or a lab technician, there are jobs that don’t require a degree. 

Here, I complied a list of jobs that pay really well but don’t need a university qualification. 

1. Plumber

Plumbers are the heroes you call when the water won’t flush, or the hot shower suddenly turns cold in the middle of a shower karaoke. They are the legends that go under the sink, investigate what went wrong and fix the problem to get your water going down the  tubes once again. Plumbers are usually employed by a maintenance company and a large number run their own plumbing businesses.  Skills needed to be a good plumber include  high level of problem solving skills, ability to communicate well and a great deal of attention to detail. 

Salary: $86k

Source: Traderisk.com.au 

2. Executive Assistant

Executive Assistants carry out complex clerical and administrative support for a company’s executive team. They get paid more than your normal Admin Assistant because of the nature of their work which can include analysing documents and carrying out research tasks for the executive team. To be a good EA, you would need to be good at multitasking, time management, be able to communicate effectively  and have great organisational  skills. Being good at using office software ie Microsoft Office is also a must have. 

Salary: $70k

3. Firefighter

Firefighters are the people that run into a burning building (not literally)  when the rest of us are running out. However, that is not all they do. They respond to all types of emergencies and their role keeps evolving as technology  changes too. They are an incredibly important part of a city’s essential services. Firefighters need a range of skills to be able to do what they do including being able  to work as a team, follow and give directions/instructions, problem solving and adaptability skills just to name a few. 

Salary: $68k

Source: Payscale.com

4. Bricklayer

Brick layers do exactly that, they lay bricks and work in construction sites. Whether they are building a wall, patio or other structures, bricklaying is an important trade and pays pretty well too. You will need to be able to work in  team environment and it is good to have a great attention to detail because you want to make sure you are creating beautiful structures that align well and hold shape. 

Salary: $68k

Source: traderisk.com.au

5. Real Estate Agent

We all know what Real Estate Agents do and have either dealt with one in our adult lives or will do soon if you have yet to make that move away from the parents house (no judgment here) .To make it in the real estate world, you must be a great communicator and love sales because  essentially what you are doing, is either selling or renting out space. There are other things you might do from day to day but the main game is selling and renting. You will also need to b good with numbers and be able to see if a deal is good for your client or not. 

Salary: Real Estate Agent salaries are tied to the commissions they make based on what they sell but on average they can earn between $40k to 60k. 

Other jobs that pay well 

  • Fitness/Gym Manager  = $69k 
  • Construction Manager= $110k 
  • Retail Store Manager = $53k 
  • Restaurant Manager= $61k
  •  Office Manager = $60k