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How is it December already, feels like we welcomed 2019 just yesterday. Before you clock out and head out to the Christmas Party, here are four things you should do to make sure you start fresh when you’re back from the holidays.

1- Declutter your desk.

Throughout the year, you have been building piles on your desk. The I don’t need you now but I might come back to you later pile, the I don’t need you anymore pile, the I don’t know what this is for pile and so on and on. Now is a great time to go through all these piles, shred the random or no longer useful and archive the important stuff. By doing so, you will come back to a clean and organised desk.

2- Finish off what you’re working on (if possible)

Last thing you want to do when you are on holidays is stress about a project you started and haven’t quite yet finished. Don’t start a whole new project a week before the office closes. Finish what you are currently working on. Get them done, so when you clock off you do so knowing that you are starting new when you come back in January.

3- Clean your inbox.

how many emails did you receive today? 1, 2 ,3 maybe 4 or more? Some were important, some were kind of important, others are from companies selling you something or networking events you attended or subscribed to. Spend a day or maybe a few hours going through your inbox, delete the unimportant, unsbscribe from groups you no longer find useful or products you signed up to try but have since decided not to go for.

4- Evaluate your performance/skills

Now is a great time to evaluate your skills and think about what you would like to learn next year and what challenges you want to take on . Look back to the projects you worked on and what skills you think would have been useful to have and have a think about where and how you can add those skills to your toolbox. Maybe you want to take a short online course or atend a workshop. What ever the course of action, now is the time to have a think about it so when you are back in January, you have a plan to guide you.


End of year is usually a busy time, shops are packed, traffic is somehow slower than usual, there are parties to organise or attend, presents to buy and the list goes on. It is also an exciting time, it is a great time to think back at the year that was and look forward to the new year and being organised will help you settle back in to work when your back in the office.