Five ways to learn a language this year.

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Whether you are considering relocating to another country or expanding your business or simply improving your skillset, you will agree with me that learning a new language is of great importance. Although learning a language can come tough, it can enrich your life in ways you wouldn’t expect. However, there are different ways of learning a new language ranging from college to night classes to online courses.

In this 21st century, technology has made learning easier, especially languages,  of the most convenient and effective ways of learning a new language is by taking online courses. They give you a wide range of options from the introductory level to intermediate and then to the comprehensive ones that make you fluent in the language of your choice at your own convenience. Now, learning a language is a great idea. It is also important to understand the fact that you need to choose a platform that is easy to understand or navigate and will also enhance learning. For your own convenience, we’ve highlighted some of the best platforms to learn.

1. Duolingo


This is one of the commonest platforms used by language enthusiasts. It is known for its fun and addictive feature, thanks to its game-like interface. It has a current count of 19 languages that are learned for free.


2. Babbbel


With over 14 languages, Babbel covers English, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Sweedish, with an enabling platform to speak, read and write. The languages are mostly free but you can upgrade for as low as $6.75.


3. Udemy


This is a common and widely used platform. Udemy has a variety of language options that are in demand. You may have heard about Udemy somewhere sometime.


4. Coursera


Like Udemy, the are widely known. Although, they offer a variety of free languages too, some languages and packages are paid for.


5. Live Mocha

Live Mocha

This platform gives access to over 35 languages and has a community of 190 countries connected.


There are lots of platforms that you can learn various languages from. The above are some of the most used and recommended platforms.

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