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Working from home

Due to recent world events particularly the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people have found themselves working from home and most are loving the idea of working remotely on a more permanent basis. While some companies are happy with such arrangements, others are not and an increasing number of people are looking elsewhere that would allow them to work from home.

The good news is, finding a remote job is actually not that hard at all. There are entire job boards that allow you to apply for remote jobs and these companies are located both in your country and overseas.

WeWorkRemotely, Remotejobs, and flexiblejobs are just some of these job boards and have listings from an admin assistant to web developers, accountants, and more. Most will require a fast internet connection, the ability to attend virtual team meetings via Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams, and the use of your own equipment which is basic stationery, PC set up and a quiet place to work.

If we have learned anything from Covid19, it is that things need to change and we can’t just keep going the same way forever. A remote working arrangement has many benefits for all but for an employee, it means they can live anywhere even on a farm while making a living and contributing to something. For companies, this reduces their spend and less spend means more money for other things ie further research, and employee training & development. Prior to Covid, people with families were given a priority when it comes to flexible working arrangements and now that we have all seen it can work for everyone, it is no wonder more and more people are looking to a permanent switch to remote jobs.

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