8 side hustle ideas anyone can do

Got time, don’t spend it watching KUWTK, make money instead and here are a few ideas to get you started.

Forex Trading platforms in Australia

This is a follow-up article on one I wrote on the 14th of September about FX terminologies new FC traders would need to familiarise themselves with on their journey to trading currencies. You can read that article here. In this quick post, I wanted to list Australian FX brokers so you can go and learn […]

Working from home

Finding Remote Jobs

Coronavirus has forced a lot of us inside and working from home and with restrictions easing and people looking to return to the office, some are looking for a permanent switch from the office cubicle to working from home.

Trading for beginners

8 Trading Terms For New Forex Traders.

This year, my goals are to learn as many useful skills as I possibly can and I have fora long time been interested in the financial markets and trying to understand what is going on. So, I decided to finally do something about it and enrolled myself in a Forex course on Udemy which I […]

Blog Content

Find content for your blog.

When I first started this little blog year or so ago, I knew I wanted to start a blog but I was not sure what I wanted to write about. I knew I didn’t want to write about a specific topic ie trading, or just making money online but instead, I wanted to write about […]

Why a Project Management system is your key to getting more done.

Why a Project Management system is your key to getting more done.

There are only 24 hours in the day and trying to get so many things done in that short period is challenging for many including myself. I was always thought making lists the night before on a piece of paper and crossing them off as you do them is the best way to get through […]

Resume Tips from a HR professional.

Resume tips from a HR professional Often, job seekers forget to realize that when they submit an application for an opening at XYZ, their application is one of many, and only those that address the position requirements have a better chance of getting a phone call. Simply sending your resume will not guarantee you an […]

5 ways to make money online right now

Technology has no doubt changed a lot of things and one of those is how people go about making money and either earning a few hundred dollars a month to supplement their income or completely replacing their jobs with online money-making sources. Here are 5 ways, everyday people like you and I can create multiple […]

Online trading Brokers for 2020

Recently we have seen a rise in the number of people participating in the markets. For some, this is not something new as they have previously done a bit of trading, but for others like myself, this is a completely new world to us and much research is needed in order for us to understand […]

Good paying jobs without a degree.

Most of us grew up believing that in order to get a good paying job, we must go to university and earn a degree. Our parents told us we must dream big and aim for the stars and society said, to get to theĀ  stars, go to university and get a piece of paper which […]