Selling stuff on eBay

Whether you are selling a few things you found around the house or own a business and need a way to reach more customers, eBay has for many years been helping people make money online. Before you go and get started selling on eBay, it is worthwhile going through the website and learning more about […]

Where to find jobs in Australia

Finding a job can be a bit of a journey., especially if you are unsure of where to look. This is very true if you have recently moved to a country and don’t really know many people or no one at all. I have listed a few apps and websites below to help you find […]

Supplement our income with these side gigs

The digital era has made working from anywhere in the world a reality. For some, making money online is their full-time gig and for others, it is a way to make an extra bit of money to supplement their fulltime income. Whatever, the case, here are 3 freelance platforms many people re offering their services […]

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency also known as virtual, digital or alternative currency is a digital asset that until 2009, was pretty much unknown or unheard of to the masses. Using a process called Cryptography, Crytpo money is accessible to anyone and is an alternative way for people to buy and sell goods and services online with no government […]

Making money with Amazon FBA

Chances are, you have heard of or bought something from Amazon, but did you know that you could make money from Amazon. As the biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon sales continue to grow and recently its founder, Jeff Bezos was briefly named the world’s richest man before losing the top spot to Bill […]

Automating my finances

So like many people, I have one source of income, a salary and like pretty much every adult in the world, I have multiple things to pay for and often I find myself out of money by end of pay week. Trying to work out a way to make the paycheck last a bit longer, […]

Adjusting to Working From Home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So 2020 is shaping up to be an interesting year, to say the least. The Coronavirus has affected everyone in one way or another and sadly for many, this meant losing a loved one, losing their jobs or both. These are trying times and it is times like these that we need to lean on […]

Learn a language in 2020

Whether you are considering relocating to another country or expanding your business or simply improving your skillset, you will agree with me that learning a new language is of great importance. Although learning a language can come tough, it can enrich your life in ways you wouldn’t expect. However, there are different ways of learning […]

Learn something new in 2020

As the new year approaches, most of us are thinking about developing new skills to help us get that promotion or move to a whole new career direction. Whatever the reason, here are 5 places you can learn new skills. Udemy. Skillshare Lynda Coursera Udacity

What is forex trading and how do you trade?

Disclaimer: This is not to be taken as financial advice. It is general advice and not specific to you and your situation What is Forex? Forex or FX for short is the process of trading currencies. Think about the last time you were on holiday, you probably went to a currency trader to change your […]